How to replace Apple double layer pen tip?

Publish Time: 2024-07-01
The steps to replace the Apple double layer pen tip are as follows, and these steps are designed to ensure that you can complete the replacement process smoothly and safely:

1. Prepare tools and materials

First, you need to prepare a new Apple double layer pen tip. These nibs can be purchased on Apple's official website, Apple retail stores, or authorized repair centers. Make sure that the nib model you purchase is compatible with your Apple Pencil.

2. Rotate and remove the old nib

Pick up your Apple Pencil and find the nib part. The nib of the Apple Pencil is screwed in like a screw, so you need to rotate the nib counterclockwise.

If the nib is difficult to rotate, you can use a tissue or other object to increase friction to help you unscrew the nib more easily.

3. Install the new nib

Pick up the new Apple double layer pen tip and align it with the nib part of the Apple Pencil. Make sure the nib is aligned with the interface of the Pencil.

Rotate the new nib clockwise until it is tightly fixed on the Apple Pencil. Please note that you need to rotate it to a state where it can no longer be rotated to ensure that the nib is firmly installed.

4. Check and test

After installing the new nib, check that the nib is secure and not loose or wobbly.

Test it on paper or screen with your Apple Pencil to make sure the new nib works properly and writes smoothly.

5. Precautions

When replacing the nib, make sure your Apple Pencil is turned off and disconnected from any device.

Avoid using unofficial nibs or accessories, which may damage your Apple Pencil or affect the use effect.

If you encounter any difficulties or problems, please consult Apple's official documentation or contact Apple customer service for help.

Replacing the Apple double layer pen tip is a simple process. You only need to prepare the correct tools and materials and follow the steps. If you encounter any problems, please do not hesitate to seek help in time.

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